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  • Community College Leadership and Administration: Theory, Practice, & Change

    This book is a training tool for the 21st-century community college leader and administrator. It deconstructs outdated practices and constructs new approaches to how contemporary community college leadership is viewed, practiced, and envisioned. Both timely and comprehensive, the book develops new models that are focused on facilitating leadership innovation and encourages both formal and informal leaders to become active agents for change. A relevant case study, written by an experienced community college leader, follows each chapter. This book will be useful for courses in administration, leadership, management, and related areas, and presents contemporary skills for anyone who is a leader and/or administrator in an organization.

    In Spring of 2012, Nevarez, Wood and Penrose will release "Leadership in the Community College: A Case Study Approach for Applying Theory to Practice". This text is being published through Stylus. Subscribe above to receive an email blast when this text is released.

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community college leadership